SI Joint Fusion

Patients with degenerative sacroiliitis and joint disruption may benefit from a SI joint fusion surgery. This procedure can now be performed using the iFuse Implant System under general or spinal anesthesia. It is a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional SI joint fusion surgery and this procedure can provide significant relief of pain in appropriately indicated patients.

Reasons to Undergo SI Joint Surgery

We can diagnose problems with the SI joint after reviewing the patient’s history and following a careful physical exam together with diagnostic injections and radiographic assessment.  One of the most common symptoms of SI Joint dysfunction is low back pain.

How SI Joint Fusion Surgery is Performed

Traditional SI joint fusion surgery can be performed when non-surgical methods have shown to be largely ineffective. SI joint fusion surgery, also known as SI joint stabilization surgery, involves stabilizing the sacrum to the ilium until fusion occurs.

The minimally-invasive technique using the iFuse Implant System requires making a very small incision and less soft tissue stripping than traditional surgery. This procedure is designed specifically to stabilize the SI joint using two to as many as four iFuse implants which are made out of titanium.

SI Joint Surgery Recovery

The recovery process typically requires a post operative period of up to 8 weeks of altered weight bearing on the affected limb. Staged bilateral procedures are common.

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