Patient Testimonials

From S.D. –

Starting in January 2001, I had seen three other orthopedists prior to being referred to Dr. Kabins.  All of them had told me that they couldn’t do anything to help me other than inserting morphine implants and to give me injections to help manage my pain.  They recommended that I go see a rehab doctor and also a psychologist.  At this point, I couldn’t walk and was very sick due to the severe pain I was in.  After visiting the rehab doctor, he recommended that I go and see Dr. Mark Kabins.  When I met with Dr. Kabins, I knew that he was going to be different than the other doctors right away because of his demeanor.  He was so calm and matter of fact about what he could do given my condition.  Dr. Kabins told me that he while could never cure me, he could make me better, and he was true to his word.  Dr. Kabins has performed surgery and it has helped me and my level of pain tremendously.  Dr. Kabins has been up front and honest with me from the start, and I can honestly say that I love the guy.   You can’t ask for more in a doctor.

From D.R. –

I was referred to Dr. Kabins for a torn disc and ended up getting a fusion.  He is a good doctor and we have always had an excellent doctor patient relationship.  He listens to my opinions and he is very thorough.  I know there are no guarantees with surgery, but I got a positive result and I feel like I am getting stronger.

From B.D. –

I was referred to Dr. Kabins for a degenerative condition that left me in excruciating back pain.  I am young to have had the onset of this condition and was very concerned because of the outcomes that other people that I know with this condition received.  After I met with Dr. Kabins and he explained my options to me, I left his office with hope.  He is the kindest, most considerate and reassuring doctors I have ever met.  I have had two surgeries with Dr. Kabins and my father put it best, he told me that “there are doctors and there are healers.  Mark is a healer.  We are fortunate to have him as your doctor.”  Both of my surgeries has been nothing but miraculous in terms of not only full recovery but also in terms of healing time.  Dr. Kabins is something special and a gift to our community.

From P.E. –

I have had back problems for over a decade.  I am a chef and an athlete and was always very active until the pain in my back started to have a debilitating effect on my life.   My initial treatment for managing the pain in my back was to receive series of injections but over time, that just wasn’t the way I wanted to live.  I finally decided to stop all treatment and was dealing with the pain on my own, until I reached a point when I began to have numbness in my feet and started to have coordination issues.  That is when I was referred to Dr. Mark Kabins.  My Dad was a surgeon and so I knew if I was going to let someone operate on my back, I wanted to know who they were and why they felt they were qualified to perform my surgery.  When I met with Dr. Kabins, he was clear and concise in his assessment and prognosis from the start, and I knew right then, that he was the right pick.  Following my surgery, I gained complete mobility again, and had no residual issues. I was active, golfing, hiking, and hunting.  In short, I basically have my life back.  Dr. Kabins gave me my life back.

From T.H.

Every winter I would get bronchitis and what I didn’t realize was that I had Scheuerman’s Disease which is a genetic back disorder.  This caused my back to crush my lungs and prevented me from being able to breathe easily.  Therefore when I would get sick, I wasn’t able to cough effectively to help clear my lungs and let me get better.  Finally this past winter my doctor told me that I should see a back specialist.

I came to Dr. Kabins through a referral for a second opinion after seeing a different orthopedic surgeon.  The second I met him, I knew that he would be my doctor because he took the time to meet with me and to discuss at length what my options were, what were some of the best courses of actions to take that he knew to be effective for the treatment of this disorder and he knew a great deal about how to fix it instead of just offering me one solution.

I decided that Dr. Kabins was the doctor I wanted to perform my surgeries and it took three in all to accomplish what he laid out for me.  I am extremely happy with the result and I was literally overcome with emotions based on the results that he was able to achieve.  I am so grateful that I can breathe easily and I finally have a straight back.  Dr. Kabins fixed my back and he did it perfectly.

From M.S.

Dr. Kabins is a dedicated doctor that spends time with his patients talking through all of their issues, concerns and options.  He is passionate about his work and that passion translates into the care and attention he offers—something many other doctors do not offer.  Not only have I witnessed this firsthand as a patient, but I know that he travels to rural areas in and around both Arizona and Utah to provide services to people with limited access to medical care and I genuinely appreciate that about him.