If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, a condition where the curve of the spine is greater than 50 degrees and is causing a cosmetic deformity of the back, you may benefit from spinal reconstructive surgery to aide in the reduction of the deformity, improved cosmesis and stabilization of the spine.

How Surgery for Scoliosis in Las Vegas is Performed

Spinal fusion surgery is performed with a bone graft to promote the fusion. The goal of this procedure is to reduce the curve and stabilize the vertebrae so that it heals as a single unit.  Small pieces of bone are placed in the spaces of the vertebrae to fuse together and metal rods are placed along the spinal column to reduce the curvature and to stabilize the spine until the fusion occurs. These metal rods are attached with a set of screws and/or hooks. This procedure can be time consuming.  The far majority of patients are satisfied with their outcome.

Patients with a severe deformity may need to undergo an anterior release of the disc space that involves removing the disc from the front prior to posterior spinal instrumentation and fusion.

Benefits of Surgery for Scoliosis

Spinal fusion for scoliosis has a high success rate and can effectively stop additional curvature of the spine. Post-operative pain usually resolves after several weeks. Key benefits of this procedure include:

  • Stops curve from progressing / Improvement of pain
  • Can treat curves that are not responding to bracing
  • Reduces the appearance and effects of the spinal deformity

Recovery from Surgery for Scoliosis

Most patients need to stay in the hospital for 4 to 6 days after this type of surgery. They can return to most activities in about two months and full activities in 8 – 12 months.

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