One of the most common reasons for spinal surgery is due to degenerative changes that develop over time within the spinal column. When there is narrowing around and compression to the nerve roots, one may experience back pain, weakness and/or numbness in the legs. A decompression or a decompression with a fusion may be recommended as the most likely means of obtaining long term relief.

Reasons to Undergo Lumbar Spine Surgery in Las Vegas

Trauma and arthritic changes are some of the more common causes of back and/or leg complaints. Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal and foramina) may occur as a result of trauma and/or degenerative changes. Surgery is frequently performed on the lower back to stabilize the spine, relieve pressure and pinching of the nerves. It is reserved for patients who are suffering because of pain, weakness and numbness and for those who are having significant functional restriction.

Some of the key reasons to undergo lumbar spine surgery include:

  • Improve back pain
  • Diminish pain in the buttocks or legs
  • Improve numbness or tingling in the buttocks and legs
  • Reduce leg weakness
  • Reduce pain when standing up straight, leaning forward or sitting

How Lumbar Spine Surgery is Performed

Surgery can be performed with a laminectomy which involves removing bone tissue, bone spurs, and ligaments that are causing unnecessary pressure on the nerves, or through spinal fusion that involves a combination of decompression and stabilization techniques. The laminectomy can be performed using a minimally invasive technique where we only need to make a small incision instead of one larger incision. 

Lumbar Spine Surgery Recovery

The rehabilitation and recovery process for lumbar spine surgery varies by patient but typically involves a short hospital stay. You will be fitted with a brace or corset to reduce discomfort and will need to start walking as soon as possible to optimize recovery. Some patients benefit from physical therapy to strengthen their backs and can build strength and flexibility with various types of core-strengthening exercises. Most patients are able to return to many of their previous activities within three to six months.

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