Orthopaedic surgeons perform an arthroscopy to diagnose and repair problems related to the joints. If you are having problems with your shoulder, you may need to undergo a shoulder arthroscopy to restore functioning of the shoulders and improve range of motion of the upper body. Your shoulder joint is surrounded by ligaments and the rotator cuff keeps the arm bone centered in the socket. Any damage to the ligaments or the joint can cause pain and limit range of motion.

Reasons to Undergo a Shoulder Arthroscopy in Las Vegas

When you are not responding well to nonsurgical treatment such as physical therapy, injections, or certain types of medications, you may have significant inflammation of the joint and worn or torn ligaments. In these situations, a shoulder arthroscopy may be necessary.

Some of the key reasons to undergo this procedure include:

  • Repairing the rotator cuff
  • Removing inflamed tissue
  • Removing loose cartilage
  • Repairing ligaments
  • Repairing a dislocated shoulder

How a Shoulder Arthroscopy is Performed

This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient. Your surgeon will inject fluid into the shoulder to inflate the joint and tissues. A small puncture is made in the shoulder to insert the arthroscope and your surgeon will use very small and thin instruments to repair the tissue or affected area.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery

The recovery process varies by patient and some patients benefit greatly from a strengthening regimen that restores strength and motion to the shoulders and upper body. If you are only undergoing a very minor repair, you may be required to wear a sling and take some time off work or school. In other cases, a full recovery can take several months.

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