If you are trying to manage chronic pain when medication or other nonsurgical/surgical treatments are not helping, neurostimulation therapy may be of impressive benefit. A small device is implanted directly below the skin to deliver electrical pulses. The technology is customized for the patient and can be very effective for providing pain relief.

How Neurostimulation Works

Spinal cord stimulation can be an effective treatment option that involves delivering electrical impulse to the spine in the attempt to obtain pain relief. Dorsal Column Stimulation in effect stimulates the spinal cord and/or nerve roots which in turn may hide the pain. This treatment can provide significant improvement of pain and ultimately improved function. It’s important to remember that this device does not eliminate the source of pain but only desensitizes the patient from the pain signals.

Best Candidates for Neurostimulation

You will undergo a comprehensive evaluation or assessment to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for neurostimulation for pain management. You may be a good candidate if:

  • Conservative treatments have failed
  • You are not an optimal candidate for traditional surgery
  • You have undergone a successful trial process
  • You have no psychological contra-indications for surgery

Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation

Neurostimulation offers several benefits to the patient, including:

  • Sustained reduction in chronic pain
  • Improved ability to participate in daily activities
  • Reduced dependency on prescription pain medication

Neurostimulation in Las Vegas is an attractive option for many patients suffering from chronic back pain. Schedule your appointment with one of our surgeons today.