Bicep Tenodesis/Shoulder Pain

If you have tears in the biceps tendon that passes through the shoulder joint, you may have dif-ficulty lifting heavy objects without pain and have limited range of motion. This condition is common among people who are very active and those who have had issues with their rotator cuff in the past. You will need to see one of our surgeons to undergo a biceps tenodesis procedure which can restore functioning of the shoulder and eliminate pain.

Reasons to Undergo Bicep Tenodesis in Las Vegas

If you have excessive inflammation in the shoulder area or have irritation of the biceps tendon, you may need to undergo a biceps tenodesis procedure. This procedure involves removing a portion of the biceps tendon and moving it away from the shoulder joint to relieve shoulder pain.

Reasons to undergo this procedure include:

• Excessive pain in the front of the shoulder
• Shoulder weakness
• Arthritis of the shoulder joint
• Shoulder impingement
• Chronic instability of the shoulder
• Any inflammation of the shoulder joint lining

How Bicep Tenodisis is Performed

This procedure is typically performed with an arthroscope. A needle is passed through the bi-ceps tendon and the tendon is marked with a suture. We can then cut the tendon carefully be-fore suturing the area. The tendon is repositioned into the bone of the humerus with a special screw and left to heal.

Bicep Tenodisis Recovery

The recovery process is typically a minimum of three weeks and may take up to six months for a full recovery for people with lifting jobs. Some patients benefit from physical therapy combined with refraining from activi-ties that involve placing excess loads or strain on the shoulders and elbow. You will be wearing a shoulder sling for about three weeks after the procedure.

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