If you have torn a ligament or cartilage in the knee, are experiencing significant knee pain, or you have have difficulty bending or twisting your knees, you will need to work with an orthopedic surgeon for treatment. If surgery is the only solution for restoring the knee, talk to one of our experienced surgeons for a comprehensive treatment plan. We may perform a minimally-invasive procedure using an arthroscope or traditional open knee surgery to restore proper functioning of the knee.

Meniscectomy Medial & Lateral

If you have tears of the cartilage on the inner side of the knee joint or on the outside of the knee, you may need to undergo a procedure to repair and restore the cartilage. In some cases, a large tear requires the entire meniscus to be removed. These procedures are designed to restore functioning of the knee and stop symptoms such as pain and discomfort when bending and twisting the knee.


Patients with damaged cartilage in the knee will need to undergo a chondroplasty to repair the damaged area. Chondroplasty is defined as surgery of the cartilage and is performed using very thin surgical instruments in order to make small incisions around the knee. Your surgeon will work to trim down and smooth any rough surfaces of the joints and remove damaged tissue. This can be performed with an arthroscope, a small video camera, instead of using a traditional open knee surgery technique.


Patients diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis of the knee or other issues related to problems around the knee joint may need to undergo a synovectomy to remove the membrane lining the synovial joint. The procedure is necessary when the lining becomes abnormally thick and swollen. The inflamed tissue can be removed with arthroscopy or open knee surgery.

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