Spine Conditions

Any issues related to degenerative discs in the spine, broken bones, or joint problems can be corrected with a spinal fusion, minimally invasive procedures, and advanced spinal surgery techniques. Our surgeons perform a variety of procedures to relieve pressure around the vertebrae, replace damaged discs, and restore proper functioning of the spinal column.


Cervical spine surgery or anterior cervical discectomy works by relieving pressure in the nerve roots or spinal cord by removing the problematic disc entirely. In some cases, bone spurs can also be removed before spinal fusion.


Lumbar spine surgery or lumbar spinal stenosis is performed when the spinal column has undergone any major degenerative changes. The procedure involves removing bone tissue, ligaments causing pressure on the nerves, and bone spurs.


We can stabilize broken bones in the spine with a kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty procedure. These minimally-invasive procedures are an alternative to nonsurgical treatments that have not been effective, such as exercise, rest, and pain medicine.


Spinal cord stimulation therapy involves delivering mild electrical impulses to the spine to change pain messages into a tingling sensation. It can be very effective when more conservative treatments have failed.


Correcting excessive curvature of the spine with spinal fusion boasts a high success rate and can help stop pain immediately. Spinal fusion surgery can also stop additional curvature of the spine and reduce the risk of issues related to spinal deformities.

SI Joint Fusion

SI joint dysfunction may be the result of degenerative arthritis or an injury to the lower spine. This painful condition can be treated with SI joint fusion surgery or the iFuse Implant System.

Total Disc Arthroplasty

Also known as artificial disc replacement (ADR) and total disc replacement (TDR), this surgical procedure is performed to replace degenerated discs with an artificial disc implant device. It can be an attractive alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

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